Unit Tests Explained To Managers In 10 points. Test Culture Episode 12.

Here are 10 reasons why you, as a manager,  should care about unit tests. It’s a summary of this series of 12 articles on unit tests for managers.

Evaluate Your Position

First a little test for you to determine your situation on unit tests.

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About Money

  • It’s cheaper than integration or regression tests
  • It’s cheaper than correcting bugs
  • It makes maintenance cheaper and less dangerous

About Management

  • It’s more motivating/challenging for your team
  • You look more modern
  • In case of turnover or holiday, any dev can modify/read the work of other with confidence

About Methodology

  • It should come before coding
  • It assures stability
  • It’s a non-bullshit metric for quality
  • It’s more accurate than specifications
I’m sure they are many other points to add. Any idea ?

Author: Jean-Baptiste Rieu

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