Blogging: Quality or Quantity?

I’m restarting to blog, but I don’t want it to be burdensome.

I could pretend I’m blogging just for me. But it’s not true. I would love to have a few readers, and to interact with them.

If you are reading this, it’s weird, since I’m not planning on advertising my first new posts.

They are gonna be pretty bad. The reason for that is that I need to fight against my perfectionism, my fear of criticism and my laziness. And the only way to do so is not to dwell on anything I write. Just put the words on the screen, re-read if I feel like it, and click publish.

It’s important for everyone to read and write (not sure it’s my own opinion or if I received it, but I like it right now).

The reading part has been great in the past five years. Now I’m trying to see how far I can go on the writing part.

So here is the answer: it’s gonna be quantity, not quality. Unless it becomes both. Or just quality. Who cares?

Author: Jean-Baptiste Rieu

Trained software engineer and now product manager. I ❤️ #space #architecture #typography #books #games #verticalfarming. I do #productmanagement #software #abtesting #data. I work on #payment @sundayapp_ Blogging mostly to practice writing, and to engage with others on life in Korea, products, engineering, books and anything worth geeking about.