Here are 10 reasons why you, as a manager,  should care about unit tests. It’s a summary of this series of 12 articles on unit tests for managers.

Evaluate Your Position

First a little test for you to determine your situation on unit tests.
Your team wants to do unit test but you do not encourage themAllocate budget and tell them how much you now consider unit test as useful.
Your team does not want to do unit tests and you don't want eitherAllocate budget and tell them to read this series of articles.
You don't even know what unit testing isWow, after all those 12 articles ? Go back read them and ask questions if you are not convinced. You MUST know what are the best practices in software development
Your team does not want to unit test but you wantTell them to read this series of articles.
Your team wants and you want Great ! You'r on the road to quality. But there are so many other stuff to do like code review, peer programming, continuous integration, ...


About Money

  • It’s cheaper than integration or regression tests
  • It’s cheaper than correcting bugs
  • It makes maintenance cheaper and less dangerous

About Management

  • It’s more motivating/challenging for your team
  • You look more modern
  • In case of turnover or holiday, any dev can modify/read the work of other with confidence

About Methodology

  • It should come before coding
  • It assures stability
  • It’s a non-bullshit metric for quality
  • It’s more accurate than specifications
I’m sure they are many other points to add. Any idea ?
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