PMBA Going on…in my ears

I’m currently reading 10 Days to Faster Reading. It’s great to see improvement while reading. A stopwatch is needed, so I can’t read exactly when I want.

The moments where I have time to read is actualy : in my car, while shaving, while cleaning dishes… That’s when I can’t hold a book, but when my mind is free and I’m alone. The two essential condition to me for reading.

This is why I decided to listen to the books of the PMBA list (at least those I can find in audio form).

So far I’ve listened to :

Out of the PMBA I also listened to

  • “Cult Holmes” (funny for a fan of Sherlock Holmes like me)
  • “How to get anyone to do anything” (not so good).

Today I began Crucial Conversations: Tools for Talking When Stakes Are High.

That’s magic. 5 books in 3 weeks ! And I’ll never be bored again in traffic jams.

Of course I still love to read the normal way. I will finish “faster reading” to be able to continue without distractions. I received “Strenght finder 2.0” wich I’m eager to read too.

And you ? What do you read ? Do you listen to books ? When is the most favorable time to read for you ?

Author: Jean-Baptiste Rieu

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