Rework : Why this book is Evil!

This book made me love simplicity even more.

This book made me shorten  my todo list and act faster more often.

So why is it so Evil!  after all ?

Because we don’t like change. Change is horrible, especially in companies.

You should have seen the face of some people when they read on the back cover things like : ASAP is poison, meetings are toxic, fire the workaholics…

This book was written by guys who applied their own advices.

And it worked out pretty well for them. Many books of this style are just plain copy of consulting bullshit. But here it actually comes from real experience.

It should be noted that it’s a company based in the US. This means work laws are quite different from France.

Diagram : why it works

It’s actually not as controversial as it seems. Everything is based on one assumption : don’t try to win the world(Chapter “Why Grow?”).

Work your passion and nothing else. You can’t be Microsoft or Google. So stop trying.

Conclusion : it works b**ches !

For the first time I can really apply advices from a book. For the first time I feel lighter. It’s easy to read, to understand and to apply. This is the proof that it was hard to write.

Did you read it ?

Author: Jean-Baptiste Rieu

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