DoodleTop : I doodle on my desk and I like it.

Le GribouilleTop vu de dessus

Creativity comes from exposing ideas to others, sometimes using simple doodles on a piece of paper.

Then how not to waste 3 tons of paper just for “napkin doodles/diagrams” ?How to keep track of urgent tasks without using a boring text file somewhere in your computer, or to use a notebook you’ll never open ?

DoodleTop is my response : let me introduce you my invention to literally draw on your desk !

This is one of the normal day your working like every day. Someone enters your office and ask you THE question. You know, the question you can’t answer the easy way.

Easy you will say : just use the giant whiteboard in your office. WRONG ! Because you also need to be near your computer, showing your colleague some files, piece of GUI and other webpages while you explain. Seems familiar to you ?

Well my solution is DoodleTop. Time of wasted-always-too-small piece of paper everywhere is over.

Le GribouilleTop vu de dessus

This is a simple sheet of adhesive piece of white board you can buy anywhere. Just use special pens and your done !

Le GribouilleTop collé sur mon bureau

Pros :

  • Very quick note-taking,
  • Easy to read, BIG diagrams directly near your PC and your too curious colleague,
  • An One-The-Go erasing while minor tasks are being done,
  • A reminder when you leave the office and come  back in the morning. Before you turn on your PC you already have your most urgent task under your nose !
  • The blank surface is a true Call For Idea. When I take breaks I simply let my mind draw stuff on it. Sometimes it really helps find new ideas.

Cons :

  • Dust from the eraser,
  • Important stuff must not be written here (but it’s not the purpose of it though)
  • I put it on my left even if I’m right handed : so I must leave my keyboard for a sec to write something down.

And you ? How do you handle quick diagrams drawing ? Where do you write your todo-list ?

Author: Jean-Baptiste Rieu

Trained software engineer and now product manager. I ❤️ #space #architecture #typography #books #games #verticalfarming. I do #productmanagement #software #abtesting #data. I work on #payment @sundayapp_ Blogging mostly to practice writing, and to engage with others on life in Korea, products, engineering, books and anything worth geeking about.