What have you read so far ?

Here is the list of my Personal MBA progression so far. It’s close to 25% in 18 months.

Since I don’t have time to review them now, it’s just a personal note and an encouragement.

Is there any book you want to hear about on this blog ? Do you agree with my notation ? What do you encourage me to read next ?

Title Score
The 48 Laws of Power 10
Rework 9
How to Win Friends 9
The Goal 9
The Lean Startup 9
Presentation Zen 8
Crucial Conversations 8
10 Days to Faster Reading 8
Getting Things Done 8
Made to Stick 7
Tribes 7
Blue Ocean Strategy 6
Lean Thinking 6
Brain Rules 6
The Psychology of Selling 6
StrengthsFinder 2.0 6
The Power of Less 5
Escape from Cubicle Nation 5
How to sell anything to anyone 5
The Dip 4
Hacking Work 4
Warren Buffet Management Secrets 4
The Simplicity Survival Handbook 4
The 4-Hour Workweek 3
The 7-Habits Of Hightly Effective People 2
The 80/20 Principle 2

Author: Jean-Baptiste Rieu

Ingénieur logiciel, passé du litteraire au scientifique. Toujours curieux, passionné d'IHM, de visualisation et d'experience utilisateur. Chercheur en méthodes pour développer la créativité. Amoureux de la Corée, pays de mon épouse. Diplômé de l'Institut de Formation d'Ingénieur de Paris-Sud XI (IFIPS).