Test Culture Episode 8. Moving Sh*t Around.

« If you don’t have unit tests, you are not refactoring, you are just moving shit around »

I’m so sorry. I could not find the source of this quote. But you get the meaning anyways. Or maybe not… Maybe you just think that unit tests are optional and refactoring is even more optional.

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Test Culture Episode 7. “Tests Are Broken ? Let’s Ignore Them !”

No.  You can’t !

As a manager the only bossy instruction you should give is :

 “Don’t you ever shut down a crashing test ! Fix it now !”

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Test Culture Episode 6 : Unit Tests Are Better Than Excellent Specifications

Let me rephrase : GOOD unit tests are better than excellent specifications.
Unit tests actually ARE the specifications.

Test Culture Episode 1. The 101 Unit Testing Guide For Busy Managers.

So you want to install a test culture in your team/department ?

Maybe you’ve already done a great deal  by appointing a Test Supervisor that checks every aspect of the finished product. That’s terrific. Congratulations.

But there are still bugs ?  Your team is telling you that this little change you asked took the all system down ? How comes ?

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How to finish 4 books in 2 weeks without reading !

Still on my frenetic audio book sprint I finished in 2 weeks :

  • Crucial Conversations
  • Made to Stick
  • The Goal
  • The 7-Habits Of Hightly Effective People

Actually with this method you can rapidely be overwhelmed. You shall :

  • Only listen in your car (I listen while shaving and dish washing but it’s to much.)
  • Slow down some times by not listening for one day. Just taking time to think.
  • Review it by writing a small article on each book. Even if somebody else did it.
  • Use a spreadsheet or any other mean to keep track of what you read. Otherwise you will loose sense of priority. In my Excel page for the Personal MBA I also put price of the books, and rate my desire to read them from 0 to 3. Then I can sort to determine what will be my next reading/listening.
  • Read a book in parallel (fiction is a good idea to breathe a little).

I apply only  a few of this tips for the moments. But writing them today helps me realize what I should do.

I’m listening to Pamela Slim’s” Escape from cubicle nation”. And I’m reading “Strength finder 2.0”.

And you ? What are you listening ? If you are following the PMBA program, what is you strategy ? Do you read by price/availability or just in random order or by category ? I’m really curious about it.